Biospheres and Solar Arrays

I drew this on my flight. Its not a style I’ve worked with before but I’m pretty keen on it.

my flight to LA


Tiny Sketchbook – more lines

I’m trying to be a productive bad-ass and spend more time on my artwork. Its a struggle.

But then I had an sadness reprieve. I now pick up the mail before work and this gives me 20 – 10 minutes of drawing time every work morning. I sit in my car in the Post Office parking lot, listen to music and draw.

As tiny as that time is, I’m actually drawing again and I am so grateful.

Tiny Red 13

All the flowers!

Lewsisia catyledon

Lewisia catyledon

Most days my one connection with beauty and creativity is looking at flowers and sometimes taking pictures of them. I walk around Slabtown on my breaks and see a lot of wonderful things.

I think I long for this process to compensate for the chilling absence of any plant life in my home. It’s a rather bleak landscape for the daughter of a nursery-woman.

But alas, my rather inventive/bored/eccentric cat likes to eat them to stubs, block his intestines, and rack up epic vet bills. Also, I have no yard.

And this botanical emptiness in my life has led me to the only real solace I can find; taking thousands of pictures of plants.

Which I am now sharing with you at my new blog Mouselet!

Because how else am I going to present the endless flood of flower pics I take?

The neighbor's wisteria

The neighbor’s wisteria