For Joe

Tin-Tin. pen on paper. 5.5" x 7.5"


The August Before: Gazing Into My Heart

This is the most intense of all of the hearts I have ever made. It’s also the only drawing from The August Before series that I specifically remember creating. I was sitting on Evan’s and Hayley’s living room floor after an especially tough day, and this is what flowed from my pen and my heart.

An explanation for this entire series can be found here.

Party Pony

Party Pony is the fevered brainchild of Jenny Phresh and scandalously used here without permission. Hopefully she will offer her blessing.

In my defense I do not tweet and I am doing my best to comply with eligibility requirement #3 in her fabulous giveaway.

Party Pony realized with dismay that the finest boarding schools in the nation had not prepared her for the horrors of internet dating.

Other possible captions welcome!