Patterns with lines and curls

Last night was sweltering. After my usual hippie sleeping pills failed, I lay on my belly and tried to draw the straightest and smallest lines I could in my dream journal.

Once again I failed to draw straight lines, but I did manage to fall asleep.
Lines and Curls. Martha Steele


Tiny Sketchbook – more lines

I’m trying to be a productive bad-ass and spend more time on my artwork. Its a struggle.

But then I had an sadness reprieve. I now pick up the mail before work and this gives me 20 – 10 minutes of drawing time every work morning. I sit in my car in the Post Office parking lot, listen to music and draw.

As tiny as that time is, I’m actually drawing again and I am so grateful.

Tiny Red 13

Animal Cravings

This came about while indulging in my Bleach habit. I blame Keinan for introducing me, but ultimately I have to accept responsibility for own my indulgences.

I started this in the bottom left corner and worked my way through several emotional states before I started drawing smiling kittens and swirly suns. The angsty bunnies are much more interesting to me than the contented cats, but I was much happier when I finished than when I started.

Animal Cravings