Protected: Putting a Friendship to Rest

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Tiny Sketchbook – more lines

I’m trying to be a productive bad-ass and spend more time on my artwork. Its a struggle.

But then I had an sadness reprieve. I now pick up the mail before work and this gives me 20 – 10 minutes of drawing time every work morning. I sit in my car in the Post Office parking lot, listen to music and draw.

As tiny as that time is, I’m actually drawing again and I am so grateful.

Tiny Red 13

Finals and tiny sketches (and other news from the world of grad school)

My education seems to be getting in the way of everything: meals, dating, art, the drug cartel.

* sigh *

Here is my meager offering. I’m still in the thick of things, so I’m doing my best to keep posting in the hopes that this will force me to make artwork and that this artwork will magically keep me sane through finals for 2 grad level finance classes.

Red Bring It