Prometheus and OKCupid

Now that I work in management and nearly every one of my friends is married or in a serious long-term committed relationship (and so are all of their friends), I have accepted that if I want to look for a partner, its time to try the internet.

So a couple of weeks ago I went on my first blind date with an okc’er. I put on a dress and some make up, went to a bar and sat myself down at a table to hopefully meet someone interesting, and didn’t manage to meet anyone at all. I was stood up.

But I had an IPA, my sketchbook and two unexpectedly free hours to kill. So I enjoyed my beer and drew the soul sucking lamprey-cobra-manta rays from Prometheus. It seemed like the most appropriate subject matter for that session.

Please be kind and remember that this is barely 2″ wide and less that 4.5″ long. It’s a teeny tiny drawing. So if the lines look rough, trust me, it looks fine in person.


3 thoughts on “Prometheus and OKCupid

  1. WOW! Love it! You should get stood up more often if it unleashes such a spurt of creativity! :P (PS — some stupid fella really missed out…)

  2. Love your drawings….do you do any commission work? Would love you to do some graphics for tee shirts for us…how can I get in touch with you?

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