Japanese Fabric

When I went to Japan in 2005, I couldn’t resist the fabric stores. Most of the yardage (er… meterage) was comparable to what I could find here, with a few wonderful exceptions.

This fabric is a stiff linen what was hand painted with resist and then hand colored. I have no idea what it was intended for since its scratchy and only 13″ wide. That’s the traditional width for Japanese fabric, and is based on the restrictions inherent in making the amazingly detailed and perfect textiles that used to adorn the wealthy elite of Japan.

Because of the loose weave, this fabric isn’t exceptional strong. So I decided against making clothing out of it. That left wall art!

Of course I put it off… and off… and then forgot about it.

When I moved to my new place I rediscovered it in my fabric stash and hung it on the wall with its raw edges showing. Then last weekend I finally felt motivated to do something.

I wanted to make the piece as modern as I possibly could, so I chose a bold, saturated blue fabric. I interfaced it for strength and whipped this up in about an hour.

detail of the finishing


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