Bursting Yellow Heart

A couple of months ago I put this one aside. I’d look at it languishing on my shelf and think about how much I did NOT want to deal with it.

Then I mixed too much yellow gauche yesterday and needed a place to put it. Apparently that’s all I needed to get started again. I may end up putting something in the center, or maybe not.

I like it just enough to keep working on it, but not enough to be afraid of wrecking it. It’s a good place to be.

It’s not balanced, but I think I’m ok with that.

In the past I’ve always wanted everything to be perfect -for all my lines to be rigidly straight and everything to be balanced. And in the end nothing had life. Now this is a tiny piece without a lot of kick behind it, but so far I haven’t killed it and that gives me hope.


One thought on “Bursting Yellow Heart

  1. Things don’t have to be balanced to be right – but you know that already. I truly did not see it until I read your comment.

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