Filling the Pages

I have a new practice. When I get home from work I pet my kitties, take a shower, put on my jammies, plop down in front of my computer, put on  my current anime of choice (One Piece), turn off my brain, lose track of time, and draw non-stop until its time to go to bed.

The results have been amazing. For the first time in seven years, all of my thoughts revolve around art. When I drive home from work I’m excited that I’ll be drawing soon. When I go to CrossFit I’m thinking about how much more stamina I’ll have for drawing. When I stroll through the grocery store I notice the amazing texture on the floor. When I watch movie I notice the composition of the frames, the colors, the textures. When I eat my lunch I think about the colors. When I play with my new kitten (10 weeks old!) I… um… ok. I totally focus on the kitten. Shes too adorable to think about anything else.

The point is that whatever I am doing and whatever I am thinking, it is revolves around art. For the first time since my BFA I am once again filled with enthusiasm and euphoria. At present I don’t have much to show since I’m mostly working in my sketchbook, but this practice isn’t about the results. It’s an act of faith, and its about relearning to love the art of creation. I have longed for this feeling for seven years and I’m not about to scare it away with petty concerns and expectations. I have no idea what I might make next, but I really don’t care. I go to bed smiling and everything seems possible.

Penguin learns to appreciate color.

Original drawing


4 thoughts on “Filling the Pages

    • I wish I could use my brain on an optional basis. It seems like it’s always in my way until I actually need it and then its nowhere to be found.

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