For Michelle

Because I love my friend and believe that all animals dreams should be indulged, especially when they involve imaginary roosting chickens.

Michelle won this drawing several months back with my Goats on Stuff! blog challenge.


3 thoughts on “For Michelle

  1. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! IF I were to add anything, it would be little chicks peeking out from under mama chicken. I can’t think of much else, really. It’s pretty much perfect.

  2. Thank you Anita! :)

    Honestly I need to thank #Goatposse for introducing me to the fine world of goat drawings. I suspect I would never have attempted a pirate goat without some serious persuasion.

    But let us look to the deeper issue. If I am in fact said “bomb” then what should I be used to bomb? Or am I a bomb of assured mutual annihilation that must never be used? Or am I the predestined creator of an art bomb of nuclear goats raining fury down upon the unsuspecting?


    Yes. Yes I am.

    I wub you Anita!

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