The Power of Anime

I found it! The secret formula that allows me to draw all day! Yesterday I drew non-stop from 9am to 6pm! I’m happy with the work and I enjoyed the entire day! Hell Yeah!!!

The secret is mediocre anime. In the past I’ve tried good anime like Bleach, but apparently its important that I watch something that I can happily ignore. I find Bleach riveting most of the time and I accidentally stop drawing to clap and shriek for Ichigo.

But marginal anime provides just the right distraction to shut down/overwhelm/silence my analytical brain while having no effect on my creative expression. So I’ve been watching a beautifully animated but somewhat predictable and cheesy anime called Blue Exorcist.

The violent and strong main character finds out at 15 that hes the son of Satan – surprise! Though somehow he’s not the Antichrist and somehow Jesus, the angles and God don’t seem to exist. The world is full of exorcists fighting demons without divine intervention, yet reciting scripture and praying somehow vanquishes them. Lots of faith, but no God apparently.

The real icing is the possibly good, possibly evil mastermind behind everything, Mephisto Pheles who can shape change into this. Please check it out. You will die laughing.

But I digress. Here is what I made.

Touching Hearts

I’m probably going to do a lot more work on this one.

Radiant Heart - Work in Progress!

I intend to fill in all the white space on this image. I mirror imaged it for this blog so you can get a better idea of what I’m going for. Even with a whole day I’ve drawn so little. This kind of detailed line drawing takes forever to look like anything.


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