Knit Hearts -Resurrected and Improved!

After several years of neglect, I am determined to finish my knit heart pattern. I’ve been experimenting with a few changes and I’m almost ready to wrap up the final details. I am quite pleased with the results.

The two lowest turquoise hearts were knit with the old pattern. I added some rows in the heart lobes and I think the shape is much nicer now. The grey, magenta, and top turquoise hearts are knit with my new technique.

Hopefully I’ll have this pattern available on Ravelry by the end of the month. The written instructions are complete, but I still need to take some photos to illustrate the details. I will let you know when the directions are ready.

Please excuse the terrible photos. I’ve had these ready since last weekend, but I never seem to remember them while there is still daylight. Thanks to my full spectrum light the colors are reasonably accurate, even if the image is unimpressive. I was just too excited to wait any longer.

With a pen for scale

I actually have several other knit projects that I’ve completed and failed to post. I just don’t have much natural light at home. Michelle is going to help me with a photo shoot so maybe I’ll have something glamorous to post in the next few weeks.


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