Experimental Heart

Strange experiment- perhaps I am a wee bit hallucinatory still.

I’m going to spend the day knitting. I was hoping to go visit Greenwoman for our play date, but I think that may be beyond my capabilities. I’ll just have to work on my projects with my cat. He’s a decent companion and generally keeps his mouth shut about my questionable design principles. Unfotunatly he’s absolutely incapable of providing any constructive criticism and broadcasts disaprove fairly heavily.


2 thoughts on “Experimental Heart

  1. It’s cool! Kind of primitive looking. You should call it Jungle Love.

    Or do I just have to make a bad joke out of EVERYTHING?

    I’m so bummed you have to miss our play date today! I hope you are better soon!

    • Rawr! I am so tired of being sick!

      And yes. I believe that you are compelled by your very nature to make a bad joke out of everything. Its one of your many noteworthy talents. ;)

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