Aztec Disapprove or Day 6 of the Plague

Ugh. I have a fever and I’ve finally surrendered after 6 days. I will be in bed all day. I will eat soup. I will… try to remember how to use a can opener. Thats right: its stupid time.

Highlights include 1) Coming home early from work yesterday and getting upset when I couldn’t open my front door. Turns out it was locked -shocking. 2) Looking at my wall calendar at work while I waited for it to authorize me to pick up an incoming call. 3) Trying to step out of a moving vehicle on Sunday. 4) Hallucinating that I was the new Messiah and that my first act would be to turn all of the streets into gold. (Clearly possible if one can turn water into wine, so my logic is good there.) Sadly I realized that people would rip up all the roads and we wouldn’t be able to drive anywhere. Also it might cause the world economy to collapse or something else dreadful that would plunge the world into violence and suffering. Luckily I came to my sense long enough to decide NOT turn the I-5 to gold. Thank goodness I’m a practical person with good insight into possible flaws or we’d all be in trouble now. And please note that I had this realization while driving home early from work on Monday in the safety of my truck.

These are just the best examples of the stupendously stupid things I’ve been doing since I got this bug. Mostly I just hit my head on everything and burn myself making tea.

The up side is that I may be out of my mind with fever, but EVERYTHING is HILARIOUS. I’ve laughed myself into painful states of oxygen deprivation and muscular spasms several times in the past week. So that’s a plus.

However. I disprove of this situation. I am tired of it and so are my Aztec friends. I have an awesome Bellerophon clip art book of Aztec designs which is where the inspiration for these guys came from.

Aztec Sabertooth Bunny looks as irritated and stupid as I feel.

Aztec Nutria... maybe... I'm completely unsure about what this is. All I know it that is disproves and that I probably won't finish it since it's a nutria.

Aztec Dude disprove of your pathetic plague.


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