Party Pony

Party Pony is the fevered brainchild of Jenny Phresh and scandalously used here without permission. Hopefully she will offer her blessing.

In my defense I do not tweet and I am doing my best to comply with eligibility requirement #3 in her fabulous giveaway.

Party Pony realized with dismay that the finest boarding schools in the nation had not prepared her for the horrors of internet dating.

Other possible captions welcome!


8 thoughts on “Party Pony

  1. This is so delightful. How did you know I am also obsessed with RODENTS of all shapes and sizes, especially ferrets?

    Hey, might you be interested in drawing a Party Pony for a t-shirt I want to print? My friend (a Hollywood agent) says her famous client will wear it if I print one for him, and then we will both be famous. And rich! $$$. Somehow.

    If interested I will send ideas!

  2. LMAO!! Martha, you are a mouse among goats (which is a good thing. At least, I say so) I love this picture. I love all your pictures, but this one is awesomesauce :)

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