The August Before Explained

Last year at this time I didn’t have a home or a job. I was alternating between sleeping on my cousin’s floor and camping at my Mom’s. In a stroke of luck I started temping at Laika in mid August and by late September I was temping full-time with a group of wonderful people.

As is often the case, a lot of crazy things were going on in my personal life at the same time. I was profoundly grateful for both the opportunity to work somewhere amazing and to stay with my cousin and her partner, a pair of lovely people. But staying hopeful was a full-time job, and during this period from August to October all I did was work at Laika, sleep in my cousin’s living room and draw.

Looking back I am amazed both at how hopeful I was and at how much my life has changed since then.

I am so incredibly grateful for the transformations that have occurred up to this moment and I am especially grateful to the people who helped me through it. Thank you wonderful friends. I am so glad that you are in my life.

“The August Before” is the series of drawings from this time that express some of the profound confusion and frustration that I was feeling. I never intended to show them, since they are fairly austere and often rough, but I’d like for them to be somewhere other than a closed sketchbook on a shelf in my apartment. I’m going to post them one at a time over the next few months on days when I have no new artwork to show.


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