Sketchbook Pages #2

On Wednesdays I skip out on CrossFit and go to my local bakery. That’s right BAKERY, not some hip and trendy coffee shop. (That’s next door.)

It’s an amazing sugar binge destination and I will extol its numerous virtues another time, because what I do at the bakery is far more important to me than what I can eat there – usually a shortbread cookie since it has more butter than wheat and is oh so delicious. I budget it with my weekly art expenses because I can assure you that eating cookies is a necessary part of drawing skulls. Of course one must also have tea with this cookie since it is dense and slightly dryish. One must observe the laws of cookie propriety after all.

But once I have said cookie, chai and maybe a tartlet (because its best to err on the side of caution), I draw. For two hours. Mandatory.

Sometimes its like pulling teeth and sometimes its more like pulling hair. But I can’t argue with the results and I WILL sit down and draw in a you-are-in-big-trouble-young-lady-we-will-talk-about-this-when-we-get-home kind of way. Surprisingly my grudging little kid attitude doesn’t seem to ruin my work or the satisfaction I feel when my timer goes off – Thank God!

I’ll probably work on this page some more in the future. There’s still plenty of whiter -er cream- space to fill in with textures and lines, but I wanted to post something. Besides, who doesn’t love skulls?


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