Goats on Stuff!

The #goatposse commissioned this drawing of a goat sporting a tie and rubber boots. Clearly the moon was the best possible setting. -I figure a goat can get anywhere a cow has been.

BUT! I need a smart-ass caption for this guy. No self-respecting goat would climb all that way and have nothing to say.

Here is my offer: I will draw a custom goat sketch for whoever provides the best caption for this drawing within the next 3 days. The “Goat Posse” can stay or go, depending on the caption.


12 thoughts on “Goats on Stuff!

  1. This is SO awesome! I’ve already put it on my blog because I loved it so much! Now I know who to give the credit to! Thank you! #gratefulgoatpossemember :)

  2. Wherever you go, there you are.

    Goats get it.

    Goats go to it!

    Try everything once!

    I feel the earth’s moon under my feet

    Adventure, style, and cozy hooves. Goat Posse!

    • *blush* Though perhaps we should share the chevre instead of placing it on the ground… Unless of course it is properly packaged. In either case I accept your lavish offering, and will bring the crackers and olives.

  3. So clearly I’m a nincompoop for I thought I already came here and commented. My goatbrain is missing a few screws.

    You are a very talented artist. I love your work! Thank you for making the #goatposse a lovely badge. We appreciate it very much. :)

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