Octopus Love

I’m making a slew of these little guys. Most of them are still disembodied tentacles and heads at the moment, but I have a few ready for show. Sadly these are all made of only barely washable wool and are therefore unsuitable for giving to children.

Group photo

Since I sold one to my friend Aggie for her grandson Xander I have realized the error of my ways. Babies LOVE these things. He falls asleep clenching the little tentacles. Shmew!

Octopus love

If you super duper love them and have to have your own, you can buy the pattern on Ravelry. It’s made by the insanely talented hansigurumi who I adore. I modified the tentacles by doubling all the stitches. I like the longer legs.


Octopus Death Match! with stumpy legs!

Tentacle action


3 thoughts on “Octopus Love

  1. Holy smoly! I am incredibly jealous of your craftiness and art talent. I cannot even “stamp it up” and my stick figure drawings are questionable. These are awesome, my kids would love these things!

  2. Thanks Mary. I continue to squeal with joy whenever I finish one.

    But you should know that one of my FAVORITE comics utilizes pretty poorly drawn stick figures with excellent dialogue. http://xkcd.com/150/
    Sometimes its waaaay to scientific or tech for me, but mostly its just awesome.

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