DIY Postcard Notebook

I have a secret. Turns out I’m a consumer.

Its true… I’m working on it…

Museums are one of the best examples of this. After I walk through a show (a process which takes hours if not days), I must -MUST- go to the gift shop and buy mementos of my favorite paintings/sculptures/weaving/whatever. It completes the processes for me of observing, loving, and then owning.

The practical problem with this is that I have STACKS of museum postcards that I cannot bear to part with. I NEED them.

This is my solution: I make them into notebooks and sketch books. As much as I would love to take notes on my smart phone, it’s not freeform enough. I draw lots of diagrams. I want to be able to use wonky texts. I need to arrange my writing in strange bulleted formats that vary from page to page. I need to write upside down, sideways, mainwise, and backways. And sadly my iPhone is not up to the task, so trees must die to appease my needs.

At least the notebooks are pretty. I filled this one with graph paper and carry it in my purse so that I don’t waste the fancy paper of my sketchbooks on rambling text.

Also, *surprise* I did not paint this image. This is “The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis” painted in 1818 by Jacques-Louis David which is currently housed in the J. Paul Getty Museum which I adore.


5 thoughts on “DIY Postcard Notebook

  1. We get free postcards at school. And I always take them when I dont need them. Now I can make little notebooks. SInce everywhere I go I have to jot something down. >.<

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