Thats Penguin for…

A group profoundly unnecessary and tragic deaths involving horrible suffering and betrayal occurred in an acquaintance’s life.

I’m not going to share that story, but all my wonderful skull drawings -some of which are downright creepy- well, they will have to wait. I look forward to showing them at some point and I think they may even be evolving into something more developed… we shall see.

But they’ve taken on a sinister cast that I don’t wish to share until I can carry them back into symbols of mortality and transformation instead of violent death and despair.

So tonight I’m working on my greeting card line. Which is a fancy way of saying that I’m drawing cute things. Who doesn’t like penguins? Monsters, that’s who.

And polar bears are cute too right? Especially since I live where they do not. Otherwise they I might associate them with sudden death as well… or perhaps just rooting through dumps.



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