lovely distractions

Sister Hugs

sister hugs!

Crafting has taken a definite second to the delight of playing with my favorite non-nieces. I’ve been having a blast with these girls. Usually being around children is a treat that reminds me why I don’t want any of my own just yet. However these girls were so lovely that I find myself feeling a bit whistful.

Mochi in a medical collar

satellite kitty of doom

In other news my Surly Sir has returned to his former home much to his relief. He had a rather embarrassing incident in Eugene and is happy to be somewhere familiar.

My only new project has been trying to rework my knit heart pattern. I’m attempting to modify it so that it can be worked using conventional stitches that everyone is familiar with. So far there are some technical problems, but under the harsh tutelage of the new Project Director, I expect to see some impressive results… either that or I risk being glared to death -a truly terrifying option.

The problem with the new design is that two rows of holes form up the middle of the heart. I suppose that I could modify my thinking to consider then a decorative element, but I’m concerned that this will compromise their virtue as a cat toy since they will potentially bleed stuffing profusely.

Mochi management

Project Director Mochi anticipates improvement

I’m sure that some sort of satisfactory arrangement can be reached… I’m just not sure what that might be or what it would look like. Dutch tape anyone?


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