Truffula gloves

Truffula Trees

my imaginary homeland

Like most of my generation, a vast swath of my subconscious was claimed at an early age by the strange imaginings of Dr. Seuss. I can still recite a good chunk of the Tweedle Beetle Battle and I must occasionally resist the urge to acquire a tall black and white striped hat.

But I have no compunctions about his influence on my personal color palate and my love of pattern. And in the end I am helpless when it comes to resisting brightly colored striped sock yarns like Knitcol by Adriafil. Some of them are a bit drab, but the bright ones… yum! And machine washable! Hooray!

Truffula Gloves

truffula gloves!

The only problem with sock yarns is that I can’t make sweaters out of them! Grrr!

Of course the real question is what to do for the fingers. I tried using the same yarn, but all the varied finger colors made the striping seem haphazard. I’ve used this yarn before and when the fingers and thumb are one solid color, it makes the patterns in the body seem more deliberate.

But what color? and what yarn?… decisions decisions…


3 thoughts on “Truffula gloves

  1. Yay! How fun to read your playful writing – it’s been a while. For no very supportable reason, I lean towards purple fingers!

  2. I too have been leaning towards purple. I could argue that purple is the darkest color in this yarn and would therefore be the most dramatic and anchoring color to the entire composition. However the real truth is that purple is my favorite. Sorry everyone else.

  3. I want fingers in all different colors. One pink, one blue, one purple, one green . . .

    But, that’s a lot of different skeins of yarn, and I am pro-purple so . . . purple is good!

    Although if I were making them and only chose one color I think I’d go for that funky green. Cuz . . . well you know me and green

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