Zombie Projects: They’re Alive!

my new white dress!

I found this fabric at Goodwill

Hells Yeah! Since moving in to my new home, I’m having a mad scientist binge. I’ve revived a number of death row projects and brought them through to completion.

This is monumental! I feel like I’ve been brought back from the brink of an epic artistic death. Once more I make things! Hooray!


...it is a zombie project after all

So far I’ve finished a knit octopus, a rather complicated dress, and some languishing bookbinding that is almost done. I need to go get some paper for the covers and I’ll be ready to go. Oh Oh! And some gloves… they aren’t actually done because I need a different yarn for the fingers, but I’m close!

Monastic Bookbinding

one of these is for Michelle!

Now I’m just wondering what to start working on next… maybe this blog… maybe making more beautiful brownies and pizzas? Perhaps I’ll knit some hands knitting other knit hands knitting a kitten…?


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