Update on why I have nothing to post

photos for the heart pattern

photos for the heart pattern

I WAS hard at work getting things in order, but then I had a bleh attack.  That’s when my goals seem pointless and useless and I usually play hours of Heroes of Might and Magic and then feel terrible.  This time I distracted myself with house cleaning and hanging out with friends.  At least I felt good afterward unlike the computer game diversions.

It was followed by visiting relatives.  They are wonderful people and I am happy that they are in my life, but its making my work schedule a bit nonexistent.  Wednesday we all go to the beach.

The morale improvement plan is to finish formatting my heart pattern TODAY.  Then I can send it to my test knitters and get a few steps closer to actually posting it, 2 weeks after my goal.  My goal was a little intense.  In the end I’ll say I’m 1 week behind where I could have reasonably been.  I’ve decided that is ok but I’m still feeling the press to get to work.

I also have some funny money things going on and will need to make $100 next month to honor some new obligations.  This is exciting! I’ve had debt for a long time, but I kind of ignored it recently.  The payments were still made, but it had become a gargantuan beast to whom I had surrendered all hope.  My debt restructuring has given me hope that I can actually do something about this so for the first time in a long long time, I am looking forward to giving money to my creditor.  I must say it definitely makes a difference to my little brain that I am in debt to someone I know and not some vague company that has people form the South call me whenever I sneeze.

So perhaps tomorrow I will actually have something to declare in my post, instead of listing the events and personal struggles that have kept me from getting where I wanted to go when I wanted to arrive. I can live with that.


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