Ok… its not quite what I hoped for… but a link is better than nothing at all.  I’ve created a “Stitchionary!” page and placed a link there that connected to a PDF of my current diagrams.  My sweetie is hosting it since I’m too tired and cranky  to figure out any better solution today…

Looks like I’m not going to make my pattern posting deadline for today.  Its ready to go, except I haven’t had anyone proof it.  Once a couple of people attempt the pattern and I get some feedback, I’ll be ready to post it.  I don’t want to sell an inferior product.  On Monday I’ll start on the next pattern while I wait for feedback from my test knitters.  This is rather frustrating. I’d rather just be done on time.  But the first pattern has to be formatted. After that, I can just copy my template. That’ll be nice.

Presently I’m insanely grouchy.  It tired to stay peaceful despite the idling engine of the furniture delivery truck that kept going through my entire yoga session this morning.  Perhaps I need to expand my patience.  Or perhaps I need to live somewhere else. grrr.


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