Hooray! I’m almost done with my heart pattern!  I have to go buy some poly fill and take the final photos and format the pattern and send it to a friend for proofing, and add the stitchionary…. but I’m close.

Sort of.  See, today is painting day.  That means I am not allowed to work on Etsy or knitting.  Today is for painting and nothing is allowed to distract me, except this blog.

stitchionary image

sample diagram from the stitchionary

I just tried to attach my stitchionary… um… yeah… not so great actually.  I’ll wait until Chris gets home.  He’ll have some brilliant way to do it that will probably not be at all obvious to me, even while he does it.  I’ll probably have to take notes.

I’ve decided that although I’m not going to post my patterns for free (for obvious reasons), I am going to post all the strange stitches I use.  Every time I start using something else, I’ll post it here.  Really I should just log some time searching the web for a good stitch directory… but I’d probably want to make a better one anyway.  So I guess I’ll make my own online directory. At least it seems like a good idea.  But perhaps I’m only trying to distract myself from the need to paint.  sigh.  scary stuff.


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