The Lightbox Saga: Chapter 4

The best part about Monday morning is when you type up your blog and then make misguided use of the arrow tabs and delete everything you’ve already written.  On the plus side, most of what I said was trash anyway.

I’m getting closer to working out the lightbox kinks. My current task is to find a way to get a whiter light without having to resort to (shudder) my camera’s flash.

with flash

with flash

without flash

without flash

ARRRRGGGGG!!! So the problem is that one is too blue and one is too yellow.  The blue one is actually closer to the true color of the yarn.  And since accurate representation in the sales photos is important, I need to get this right.  I’d just use the flash if it didn’t cast shadows and create strange dark areas onto he upper heart lobes.  Much to my consternation, the one without flash is a better looking picture, but the one with flash is more accurate.

I’m going to putter around in photoshop to get some decent photos for my instructions, but I’ve got to find a better way to take my product photos– something that looks great AND is true to color.  I think I might have to set up the lightbox outside, use the super yellow halogen lights, and see if the ambient natural sunlight can bring a better cast to the colors.

And yes, I am aware that the background paper I used is WAY too busy.  I’m trying something more tasteful in the next attempt.



photoshopped with flash

photoshopped with flash

Here are the photshop efforts.  I used the one without flash and let photoshop auto adjust.  After that it was still a bit too yellow so I did some manipulation of the color balance until I got this which is really darn close to the actual color.

Still unsatisfied I tried tweaking the one with the flash… again, the one without is a better image.

Surprisingly, the one I took in the super yellow light, is the closest to the true color.

Hmmmm… I’m usually so adamantly against color changes in photoshop. It didn’t occur to me that I could use it to get the image to look exactly like the actual object.  I figured I would need perfect lighting to get that– shows what I know.


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