great… I have a “light” box…

pre light box

pre light box

Well crap.  My light box is actually a dim box. Nothing light about it, not even the fabric.  I should have made a suitably tiny light box for my photographs… This is what happens when I let someone else get involved in my creative process.  I end up with something that is so big I can’t possibly leave it up all the time, can’t light it well enough, and am horrified to even imagine ironing!  First thing I’m going to do is get more light and blast all those lame little shadows away.  I am going to get my cloth to be as white as the page you are reading this text on.

That’s the short term solution.  The long term one is to make a MUCH smaller light box so that it isn’t such a hassle to use the thing and so that ironing isn’t a terrifying proposition.
Oh well.  I have some decent photos and with a few more lights I’ll be able to post them on Etsy.
dim dim dim !!!

Also, I am jubilant (yes, its a strong word- I mean it) about finishing the technical drawings! I now have all the stitch diagrams and finishing techniques drawn up!  My sweetie is going to help me scan them when he gets home and soon, SOON I will be able to compile the directions for my first pattern!  In case you haven’t guesses, its a heart.  surprise


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