DIY victory!… mostly

the solution

the solution

Ahhh!!!  I should have done this weeks ago.  This isn’t the first time I’ve let someone talk me into a “better” version of a tool.  They propose all kinds of “improvements” and then when its over, I have something completely useless.  The problem is that its completely brilliant people who propose these modifications… They just don’t know anything about the item and what it does… I should have stuck with the online plans for cardboard box light boxes.  I could have made this a month ago when I first wanted one.  I feel silly.

So here it is.  The 20 minute wonder.  I took a cardboard box, some velum graph paper, a piece of paper, some lamps, and some masking tape and VIOLA! It works SO much better than the giant one I took forever to make.   I’m a fool sometimes.  The only draw back is that the paper is too smooth and the heart won’t stay propped up.  My solution was to make little rolls of masking tape and use them to stick it to the background paper.  Works pretty well actually… except the middle heart seems to be floating.

still dim, but no ironing

still dim, but no ironing

Pink Lilac Hearts 5

group hug


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