I did it!

Here it is! My new light box frame passing kitty inspection.

receiving a passing kitty inspection

Hooray!  After weeks of waiting, I finally just made my light box myself!  I have a super handy sweetie and was hoping he would take care of it since it would inevitably be better made, but I got tired of waiting.  And really, since when should he be doing my work for me anyway.

So!  Here it is- my light box! … ok… um… just the frame.  But I’m still happy.

The bigger point is that I FINALLY made something I didn’t really want to.  For several years I’ve only been able to complete life-or-death tasks and things that are fun.  But today, I moved past that and made something that will help me, but that I didn’t really want to bother with.  HOORAY!  I’m thinking of celebrating with Thai food…


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